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Installing lightweight proxy server on raspberry pi

Introduction As I live in Armenia, I have a lot of friends across the CIS region who live under internet oppression regimes. For an example the Russians cannot access Instagram, Twitter without a vpn, and many other resources. That makes it very important to them to use proxy/vpn to bypass the DPI, which government regimes use for censorship. Here in Armenia we have clean internet with no censorship, so if I setup a proxy for my friends they can use it to access the free on censorship internet. In most of the guides I found on the internet they are using privoxy, which is insecure  because it has no authentication system built-in, and if left as it is, your proxy IP address will be used by port scanners for various bad stuff like spamming. Such behavior risks your ip address getting marked as spam, or getting used by hackers to make you a suspect of cybercrime. That is why I found a better solution for creating a proxy server called 3proxy . It is pretty lightweight, and has almost no