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В DDD что такое Domain?

Every software program relates to some activity or interest of its user. That subject area to which the user applies the program is the domain of the software.


The domain is a fancy way of saying the problem you’re trying to solve. Your authors currently work for an online retailer of furniture. Depending on which system you’re talking about, the domain might be purchasing and procurement, or product design, or logistics and delivery. Most programmers spend their days trying to improve or automate business processes; the domain is the set of activities that those processes support.

Что такое инкапсуляция?

The term encapsulation covers two closely related ideas: simplifying behavior and hiding data. In this discussion, we’re using the first sense. We encapsulate behavior by identifying a task that needs to be done in our code and giving that task to a well-defined object or function. We call that object or function an abstraction.

Take a look at the following two snippets of Python code:

Do a search with urllib


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